it’s F-810 not F-180

The 2nd of 9 gadget reviews have come out today, you can check it here:, the first one being the Samsung SGH-E730, here:

BIG problem though, it’s supposed to be Fujifilm F-810 not F-180. Truth is, I submitted a first copy before the week long holiday that didn’t come out with that error, but I fixed it and sent a second fixed one later on, when I found I had a chance to. At the back of my mind there was a lingering thought thinking they might mix it up being so busy as they are, but I had spoken with my editor to expect a new copy and so I left it at that.

The strange thing is, I think some of the new edits I made came out, meaning that the new version was used. However I’m not really sure since they’ve edited it quite a bit anyway again to save space. I can never really understand the way they edit, sometimes in the past, it gets edited so much that things actually come out completely different. I’m quite used to it now though, so most I could do is just shrug. Really nothing I can do.

At any rate, I’ve had much time tinkering with the Fujifilm F-810, and I’ve got to say, I’m impressed. In fact, I so wanted to say that, and I pretty much did in the article as I submitted it, but like I said it’s been pretty much hacked so a lot of my declarations saying so are gone.

Pity, since I really like it, and really that says a lot. I seldom give gadgets a full two thumbs up, but this one did purely because it’s so easy to use as I said so in the article. I’m sure a lot of folks think that’s just lip, but really, it’s terrific, and I highly recommend it.

That is if you can handle the approx $700.00 ~ $680.00 (!!) price (accdg. to this site), which is off the wall, but I really think it’s worth it. All those folks who’ve bought digicams only to have them serve as decoration on their shelves need to check this one out. The little added width aside, it’s so easy to use you would wanna bring and use it, which is really the point of digicams (or gadgets) if you think about it.

Hope the error gets reported by PDI! Somehow I doubt it though.

6 thoughts on “it’s F-810 not F-180

  1. ito ba si rommel as in rommel? thanks!

    I’m reviewing 9 items in connection with a PDI/Digital Exchange (Glorietta 3) marketing tie-up, ako yung designated writer :). I’m finished with the Samsung SGH-E730, then the Fujitsu above, tapos the iPod Nano next week. Read it every wednesday for 7/8 more weeks!

  2. Yes this is Rommel as in Rommel Dizon. I’m now working for a foreign company. I’m into gadgets so interested ako to read (and probably write someday) gadget reviews. Will visit Digital Exchange one of these days.

  3. wow nice to hear from you rommel! foreign company in the phils. o abroad? Alam ko naman noon pa mahilig ka sa gadgets why not go ahead! gawan kita ng blog if you like :D

  4. It’s an Australian firm with office in Sydney and Chicago. I just came from Chicago and now I work at home.

    A blog for meeeee????? Exciting yan ah.

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