PC Exchange Now Up!

I’ve finally gotten around to putting up PC Exchange, a simple classifieds site based on Noah’s Classifieds, completely devoid of any frills until I determine what else I might think of putting.

Possible nominees for additional apps are a blog and a forum, which are easy enough to do since I’m fairly used to those. What’s getting me is that I’m having a hell of a time trying to put google ads!, which is the whole point really of putting up a free classifieds site.

Noah’s classifieds unfortunately uses a complicated templating system, and a whole lot of guesswork, searching for clues via the “class” tags, scanning code and switching back and forth between browser and IDE was needed to even get it to look that way. The index.php for example calls four include files initially, any one of which calls a bunch of files itself. What’s more some notations are in what looks like Russian or Greek, with messages like “A SZAMOKAT NE VALTOZTASD!!! AZ APPLICATION constants.php direktben hasznalja oket!” If it isn’t Greek, might as well be to me.

At any rate, I kind of like doing announcements and putting up a nice version 1 pic, it serves as a nice way to remind me of the ‘early days’ of designing a site, similar to when I was doing Jill’s site, where I put a pic of an early version, still in jpeg, of it like so:

After which it now looks like this:

It’d be a cool feeling to post “from concept to reality” pics for PC Exchange , assuming of course that I actually get to make it, primarily the google ads, to work.

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