Now Blogging – The U.P. Portia Sorority!

portia sorority launchThe University of the Philippine’s Portia Sorority has been around for 72 years, counting such luminaries as Justice Cecilia Munoz Palma and Haydee Yorac as sisters, and so it’s just righteous that they find a suitable place on the web.

Henceforth – the Portia Blog! Rising in all its blue and white (yes blue and white. gasp.) glory, from the efforts of Jill, and myself.

portia sorority launchTech wise, it’s your basic WordPress v1.52 installation, along with a Coppermine 1.44 and the ff. standard enhancements, which I will discuss with some length so as to provide some link love as well:

I know what you’re thinking, yes it’s wondrous how the spirit of sharing code on the web works. I was thinking of naming this blogpost “Portia Blog Rises From International Campaign!”, but I wanted to concentrate on announcing the launch than get cute title points.

At any rate, the Portia blog was done under my company’s Free Website Initiative, where I’m hoping to help out orgs and other groups to get on the ‘net. Interesting since I’ve yet to make a site announcing it yet. Ack back to the ‘todo’ list.

Next up is the super-delayed (cant link that on yet no sir. It’s not yet finished.), for a Human rights organization. Updates soon!

Update: I’ve added Counterize as well, by cool dude Anders Holte Nielsen from Denmark.

Again he’s got a bunch of cool sql counters that do stuff like count words, characters, comments, and yes, once again for the OC, the number of different people who have made comments – pretty useful for busy blogs with lots of members and readers.

He also seems to be heavily into “embedded communication computers” whatever those (no doubt very cool) things are :).

Update Still:
Always wondered how quick Google’s spiders are, apparently not too bad. Checking for Portia Sorority almost gets the first spot, after Aussie Portia de Rossi though, but that’s not too bad.

portia sorority launch

Update June 26, 2007: I have disabled the website today since they do not seem to be using it and it is taking up resources on my webserver. I maintain a working archive of everything however. Please let me know if you want it.

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