Basketball Blog Invite

Basketball Blog InviteApril 22 is a-comin’. That means the end of the NBA regular season, and the start of what gets every red blooded baller’s heart a-pounding – THE NBA PLAYOFFS.

Once again I’m in a position to do something I’ve always dreamed, but for some reason continue to procrastinate, or just plain screw up.

And that is, start a Basketball Blog.

So consider this post an invitation, to anyone out there who a. Is opinionated about the NBA, PBA, UAAP, NCAA etc. and basketball in general, and b. Is willing to write about it.

If you check on both, merely leave a comment, or email me at ghmercado at gmail dot com. After some discussion as to how to go about it (I’d like to committee this one), let’s go write ourselves up a storm.

Be hearing from ya.

2 thoughts on “Basketball Blog Invite

  1. Sure, let’s go!

    Although I/m not a lock to reply on time, been too busy at work lately. But I think I’ll have enough time come playoffs >:)

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