Aklatangpambata.org Gets On PCIJ

Aklatangpambata.org is one of the NGOs that took advantage of my Free Website for NGOs offer (which I’ve yet to make a page on this blog for to explain what it’s all about. AArrrghh).

Anyway, I made them a simple WordPress blog and apparently it’s served them very well. The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (a group of true modern day heroes imo), has picked up on their efforts to help teach the value of reading to the kids of Barangay Paltok, Quezon City.

Here’s the PCIJ article on Aklatangpambata, where they also discuss the story of the 80+ year old house they conduct their activities in, and also mention Troy Lacsamana, the award winning librarian who I’m working with and who started it all.

Here’s an article on Troy when he was chosen amongst HSBC’s top 5 Faces On Volunteerism by Hands On Manila, and another one on Filipinolibrarian.blogspot.com.

Here’s a Sept., 2005 Inquirer article about the project as well.

If you’ve got time, why not volunteer to bring along your friends or officemates to help in their cause? Here’s their June and July 2006 schedule, and you can email them about your interest.

Just remember, it’s not a walk in the park, as kids are naturally excitable and sometimes difficult to deal with. You have to really want to do this and take it seriously if you want to do it right. Watch Troy to learn how.

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