Google Calendar Rocks. Hard.

I’ve always been a big fan of calendars. Especially the ones with scantily clad young women peddling cheap liquor, usually found in vulcanizing shops or car garages. Ok, that’s not the point of this post. Focus now. FOCUS.

Google Calendar recently launched the ability to display itself on any website.

This means you can create a calendar of activities on your Google Calendar, (don’t forget to activate sharing), then run the process which will produce code that you can slap onto your blog or any site.


It will produce any size box from 800×600 to 220×200 and display stuff in Month (like a calendar) or Agenda (a simple list) mode.

What I’m gonna do with it:

  1. Show Filmfest skeds on Movie Exchange such as the French Filmfest (ALREADY DONE!)
  2. Make a UAAP, PBA, PBL, NBA, FIBA Sked page for Basketball Exchange.
  3. Make a Sked page for Aklatangpambata.

..among other things.

Rock Bands, large organizations, school groups and other people who can organize themselves or promote themselves by use of Online Calendars should pay attention to this.

I myself have always wanted to make Sked Pages for my sites, especially for the Basketball Exchange since I’m sure that by itself will generate visits. From my installation on Movie Exchange though, I’ve noticed the 220×220 size is still too large for a sidebar (although you can always cheat and change it on the code itself.). It also uses iframes, which I’ve no problem with, although a pure text feed would be nice so you can implement CSS.

But who’s complaining? I was starting to think of coding one myself for lack of options. And until they manage to get the scantily clad versions online I’m happy with this one. :D

Another thought: Hey you guys at Yahoo Calendar! I’ve been using Yahoo Calendar for at least five years now, and the only innovation I can barely remember are those pictures of lakes and nice themes on a small box on the left. Talk about getting left behind! Dang.

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