Some Paypal News! (but not what we want to hear)

As per the LA Times yesterday, the President of EBay’s PayPal has called it quits.

The San Jose-based company said Jeff Jordan, president of its PayPal online payment business and considered a potential successor to Chief Executive Meg Whitman, would leave in the fall to spend more time with his family.

Now, obviously this is all very important news to Mr. Jordan, his family, Ms. Whitman, Ebay’s employees and of course, their stockholders. But for us here in the Philippines, what we collectively (and I speak for everyone) would like to know is:

Will this in any way help bring Paypal to the Philippines?

To be completely honest, I think the issue is ridiculous and has gone way too long. Paypal’s unavailability to Pinoys has slowed the growth of businesses, and have forced millions of Filipino expatriates and OFWs to have to jump through hoops to send money into our country. Money that we would gladly share a percentage of, if their option was available.

Enough already. If not Paypal, then someone, please, anyone step up.

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