My PCMag Notebook Shootout Notes

I was lent five notebooks last May by PCMag, and I’m posting here the spreadsheet I used to make the comparison.

Featured notebooks are the Acer Travelmate 3242 WXMi, the Amoi Blue M626 Laptop, the NEC Versa M350 1704DW, the Asus A6R and an Asus A3A. The specs I mentioned are the ff.:

Dimensions (w/d/h), Weight, Processor, Video, Chipset, Pre-installed OS, LAN:, Bluetooth:, Infrared:, Memory, Hard disk, Optical drive, Card Reader, Wireless, Display, Fingerprint, Battery, Battery life, SRP, Software.

Seems kind of a waste just having it sitting here not doing anyone any good, so here it is in case someone needs to make a comparison between any of them.

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