Racist Sony Ad, Sony Patent

Sony Corp has pulled a Dutch billboard advertising campaign for the new white version of its PlayStation Portable video game player and apologized to anyone offended by the ad, which critics dubbed racist.

Here it is:

from here, learned via here.

What’s up with Sony lately? They’ve been getting into news but not the kind they prefer I’m sure.

Another thing going around is reports that they’re going to make it impossible to use PS3 discs in players other than the first one its used on:

Sony plans to make it impossible to play used or borrowed PlayStation 3 discs. In 2000, Sony patented technology that effectively marries a game disc to the first console it’s put into. Subsequently, the disc would not work if put into another system, such as a friend’s console or a console owned by someone that purchased the game “used.” Theoretically, this technology could also put an end to the billion dollar a year rental market.

from here. Shades of the rootkit issue that took off last year for sure, wrote about it here.

Pity, since I like their products.

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