Intel Told How To Make Mobos

In an article on, Mark Reiner, VP of Epic, designer of Unreal Tournament, is imo acting like a kid when he says that “I’m concerned about the level of growth in the PC games business…A $900 PC is nowhere near as capable as a $299 Xbox 360 console. We’re losing PC gamers in record numbers. Integrated graphics cards [like those produced by Intel for low-end PCs] cannot compete with the console gaming experience.”

His culprit: “80% of new laptops and 55% of new desktops contain integrated graphic cards that cannot run state-of-the-art PC games.

IMO Board manufacturers will hesitate putting high end cards onto their boards for any of the ff. reasons:

  1. High-end video cards can only be appreciated by power users and gamers.
  2. Gamers represent only a fraction (and Im guessing here – a small one), of the market for PCs.
  3. If I want to buy a computer for clerical staff (yes PCs can be used for other things besides gaming), I should not have to be forced to buy one with a powerful 256mb. video card, obviously since there will be no use for it.
  4. Even if the integrated card was powerful enough, a gamer usually skips it anyway, since it’d likely be obsolete 3 mos. after release, and besides they usually have their own preferences.
  5. Mobo* manufacturers do sell units with powerful integrated video cards. They’re usually very expensive, so gamers (usually mobo proficient), mix and match mobos and vidcards to get the most bang for the buck.
  6. Not related: I dunno about that $900.00 PC vs. $299.00 console claim. I think I can make a $900.00 PC outperform a console.

Maybe he’s justified for wanting to quit the PC market. Unfortunately, the PC market is where their games play best and are most appreciated, inspite of the fact that they ‘lose’ money from it.

Contradicting how Intel should make their motherboards – which is just like any tech product, controlled by market forces (except in some cases), is childish. He’s probably frustrated how low their income is at the PC market compared to consoles.

If anything, he should be ranting against piracy, which takes a big chunk from their profits, rather than how mobos are made. More than anything, I think they should hire a good publicist, to handle outbursts like that.

* Mobo = motherboard.

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