Serves me right.

Just when I make a post saying how I can ‘post all day everyday’, my PC went bonkers, and I was offline.

The culprit. The processor fan went all emo on me, and it’d stop every so often with a dramatic, ugly sound.

Anyway, it’s all fixed now. Bought a new fan for P170.00, and removed it’s crummy heatsink for my old one, which was taller and allowed for more air.

I swabbed it with thermal paste and voila! Incidentally it also quieted the beast down. I highly recommend people changing their fans at least once every two years or so, and at P170.00 why not.

Since I was at the computer store, I bought myself one of those fancy fans for P90.00 as well. It emits a red glow, which has unexpectedly given my PC a ‘nightclub’ look. All we need now is a disco ball, some dancing girls and beer.

The trip all the way to Gilmore, QC was exhausting. Anyway, soon as I get rested up I’ll start taking pics of my latest gadget review, the seriously spec’d Acer Ferrari 4000, aka Ferrari 4006WLMi,


And now, to zzzz..

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