This Epixtar Issue Just Won’t Die

I still get Epixtar spam, months after that infamous issue, which incidentally I won’t link to as I really don’t want to give it any more publicity than it should. Having said that, I’m about to post sample spam I regularly get re it, with no intent other than information:

Name: Bernard Davis | E-mail: MyInsider2006@HOTMAIL.COM | URI: | IP: | Date: July 21, 2006

COO of Epixtar (Bradley A. Yeater) plead guilty to sexual assualt. Only got probabtion. See story at

I really don’t know what to make of these. The one who post these obviously has an axe to grind against Epixtar executives, but is too cowardly to put a name and contact info. However if you check the link it’s legit, so it still has some value albeit purely fyi, as I do not have any interest in saving Epixtar’s hide either.

Once again, I really don’t care either way other than surface curiosity. If someone really has a prob with Epixtar why don’t you just sue them? Or if you really wanna use the ‘net, set up a blog yourself for that purpose.

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