Why Are There No Sports Blogs?

I’m being honest when I say that the reason I am not a professional blogger is that I’ve tried, but everyone has either rejected me, denied me, put me on a waiting list or flat out just not responded to my email requests. Of course it’s a reflection on my writing, which I’ve never been insecure about. I’ve been writing far too long and far too often to feel affected by anything now I guess, either that or I’m just thick-skulled.

Writing is a deep passion of mine, like being in a place where I know what I am doing. When you reach an area of comfort in something like that, it’s hard to feel discouraged. Being told I’m not good enough only makes me go to that place, and consequently write more. It’s weird I suppose, but it works.

However, that’s not the reason for this post. Rather, as I looked around the blogging networks, one thing struck me. Why are there no sports blogs?

There are several blog topics available, many of which are outside my areas of interest. The ones I’m most interested in other than tech, obviously, are movies and sports, of which I’ve made my own blogs basketball exchange and movie exchange.

All of the blogging networks say they look for ‘passion’ and a ‘unique voice’ in their applicants, and frankly, I cannot get any more unique or passionate as I do when I write these topics, and the sports and movie writers whom I respect, such as Bill Simmons and Roger Ebert, are two of the most unique, passionate, (and respected because of), individuals on the planet in my estimation. (incidentally Mr. Ebert is recuperating from a cancer-related surgery. I wrote about it here.

At any rate, although yes, there are a few movie blogs, there are almost no basketball blogs of note, nor are the blogging networks interested in these. Is it because writers don’t like sports? It can’t possibly be because sports is an unpopular subject. Is it because people who like sports don’t wanna read about it, but rather watch instead?

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2 thoughts on “Why Are There No Sports Blogs?

  1. I actually have a sports blog :wink wink: but I don’t update it as religiously as my music blog since it’s the NBA offseason and it’s too early for me to start tracking the FIBA championships. You’re right though, not a lot devote their time to sports blogging.. even the knickerblogger (dot net) has been rather sporadic in his posts (altho after the last few seasons i don’t blame him ;) i DO wish ESPN’s scoop jackson would blog, i love his articles :p

  2. hey jorge! yeah i saw your sports blog. THat’s why we sports freaks should stick together hehe.

    that is one rocking guitar blog too! I like your templates. Linking up.

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