Stale no more. AMD Buys ATI to wake up PC Market.

Check this out. AMD bought ATI today, which is a bit of a throwback, I think, to the 90’s when big mergers like that were the norm.

Anyway, important things to consider here off the top of my head:

  1. Possible integration of the graphics chip, chipsets and processor will offer a whole new type of machine never seen before.
  2. It will theoretically be faster. If it becomes much, much faster than a standard mobo/vidcard/chipset/processor/memory setup, then that means we’ve been suffering all along, and that the way it had been done for years, which is different components by different manufacturers put together, was actually a hindrance in performance. If on the other hand, it doesn’t offer much of a performance boost, then the opposite would be true.
  3. The idea of a ‘PC on a chip’ is in here. It mentions that AMD will have the ability to offer stability and reliability guarantees for corporate systems. This is great, as that segment of the market is stagnant.
  4. As a matter of fact, the whole PC market is stagnant really, so this is a good movement to really shake things up. Last activity on the market were allegations of cartels and price-fixing, in particular for RAM and chipmakers. Those incidents were indications of stagnation, showing that the industry was desperately looking for ways to make more money as there was no innovation that would help them do it.
  5. Integration is one of those classic arguments of modularity via individual pieces vs. an all in one device which can do everything, which is what AMD is going to offer. In my opinion I don’t think either is really above the other, as you can make good arguments for either case. However, the good thing is it offers customers more choices. That by itself is good reason enough, regardless of whether AMD makes something of this or not.
  6. Just how this pans out is going to be very interesting. Like I said, it’s like a throwback to the big acquisitions back in the 90’s. Lots of money is going to change hands, dealers and distributors are going to have to make choices as to which technologies to support. I dunno who’s gonna come out better, but it’s gonna be exciting.

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