Wild Thing. You Make My Heart Sing.

Guess what I saw at Glorietta today.

The Mitsubishi Evolution IX.


Sure it doesn’t look too impressive. It looks just like an ordinary Lancer actually.

The innards are spartan. Doesn’t even have a radio. No Momo, no Recaros, nothing.

But what’s special is under the hood.

The legendary Mitsubishi 4G63.

An inline four, iron block, aluminum head, turbocharged and intercooled DOHC. Producing 286 hp @ 6500 rpm at a claimed crank torque of 289 lb-ft horsepower at 3500 rpm.

Almost 300 lb-ft of torque at 3,500rpm, for a likely 0-100 kph in 4.5 seconds. GASP.

I need to see that again.

There are few telltale signs, like that humongous air intake hood, red Brembo calipers all around, wrapped by 45 series Bridgestones on 17s.

A big wing at the back, which you’ll need to keep those Enkeis on the road.

and an insignia, but anyone can buy that off an accessories shop.

But you can’t just buy that performance though. It starts at P2.3M for the base car, with no warantee, (since Mitsubishi knows you’re going racing and will not want to replace anything you’ll likely break). Probably a big waiting list to get your hands on this baby. The rep said there are only 4 in the country, and only one’s been allowed to be sold otherwise they wouldn’t have any for the showrooms.

I’ve tested and laid my grubby hands on some of the most exclusive gadgetry in the world, but nothing, absolutely nothing, gets my heart pounding more than a car like this.

Just thinking of what you can do with it. That fire-breathing 4G63 roaring under the hood while you careen off a corner, all wheels screeching, tires smoking, turbo bursting fire out the rear as you dig your foot into the carpet, wondering how far it can go as you opposite lock, your right hand balancing the bottom of the steering wheel along with your right foot putting just the right amount of power, as you drift into a curb as far and as long as you can go.

Your ears are splitting with the beautiful sound of an engine at full song, a sensual overload as you see, hear, feel it hurtling you across a track.


And all that just from standing beside it at a mall.

Ack what a special machine can do to you.

Ok back to work.

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