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An iPod and two mobile phones are the latest must-have accessories for status-conscious British office workers,… according to a survey released on Wednesday.

(The people who surveyed) branded the people in the survey as GOSSIPS (Gadget Obsessed Status Symbol Infatuated Professionals), a contemporary version of yuppies–the acquisitive young urban professionals of the 1980s.


Number 1. When I was in my late 20s (and 30 lbs. lighter), I was corporate, dressed it, went out a lot, and earned well into ‘yuppie’ territory. However, I’d hate anyone calling me one. Why in heavens name would anyone want to be called that? Everyone knows the moment someone niches you, you’re obsolete.

Number 2. Today, if anyone called me a G.O.S.S.I.P. (acronym for Gadget Obsessed Status Symbol Infatuated Professionals), I’d similarly puke. Gadgets for the sake of gadgets, as I’ve said time and time again, is stupid and completely misses the point of technology. Not to mention actually being obsessed with buying them, which is like, obsessed with missing the point.

Number 3. People who buy Gadgets solely with the intention of showing them off in clubs and such, is poison for the industry. Not only will manufacturers take advantage of this, and price them beyond the reach of people who can really make use of them (because status symbols need to be expensive to become status symbols. Duh.). Technology will suffer as well, since if no one really uses these to do anything, then what sort of feedback will it send to the manufacturers? Build them smart, and geeks will appreciate it, so what? But gold-plate them and sell them as bling, and make a ton more money!

Number 4: Couldn’t they think of any other acronym than ‘gossips’? No I don’t think of gadgets, nor gadget – obsessed individuals, when I hear that word. Rather, I think of losers. People who have nothing better to do than to waste resources on idle talk and useless activities that ultimately bring negativity instead of — waitaminit… it’s not so badly named after all!

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