Ventures Into Billion Dollar Industry with Kikay Exchange

Yep that’s how my PR would read if I were to make one. Or maybe ‘Kikay Exchange takes off with 6 members and 15 posts in two days!‘.

It’s only been up since the night of Friday the 18th, so that’s just two and a half days. Since then it’s gotten 15 comments, 5 new members (other than me and Jill), and 15 posts about girl things like bag sales and makeup (mostly makeup). The categories are varied from sales announcements, food (health stuff type. Girls like that.), accessories, fashion, bazaars, clothes, malls, skin care – the works.

I’ve Googled ads and Feedburned it yesterday morning. The template from Italian lady designer Dandyland looks great and is working ok, and she’s got some nifty ready made functions I’m figuring out, and will be activating soon. The ads seem to be cooperating, although only sometimes. The word ‘blog’ always seems to be the heaviest and therefore, blog ads keep #@*(%$#*!!! showing up. I insist that’s a WordPress glitch, since that doesn’t happen with Drupal, Phpbb or any other installation I’ve made.

Anyway we’re still looking out for members. Recently I managed to hook my shimmering PDI editor & flipflop freak Pam, so that takes care of the Havaiianas issue. Rosa, if you’re reading this, your shoe expertise is needed, although we’ll wait till after the Bar. And finally Chelle, soon as I catch you on YM, you’re on my list too :)

To be really honest though, the PR should read ‘Jill gets Gary on the Straight & Narrow‘, because really, that’s what it is. She’s always optimistic, always keeping my hopes up when I’m all dark and gloomy. And now, we look like we’ve got a winner, all due to her efforts. What else can you ask of someone? As long as I’m with her, everything just works.

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6 thoughts on “ Ventures Into Billion Dollar Industry with Kikay Exchange

  1. wow, you’re exchange network is really expanding! congrats, gary. and the initial output for the kikay blog is simply tremendous. i’m envious of your domain ;) astig.

  2. oops, wrong grammar, hehe. btw, the only thing lacking now for your domain is some sort of “marketplace” or “forum”…akmang akma sa domain. any plans for that?

  3. I tried 2x without success. I learned that the important thing is to have a posse of like-minded people to work it with you. Going it alone is difficult or close to impossible, especially if you’re working on other stuff at the same time.

    btw I’m go with seo-ph why not. So I just add it to the links that’s all? :)

  4. wow, great! yeah, just the link as exactly as it appeared in the email ;) just tell me when the link/s are up (and what site/s they appear in) so i can immediately put up the reciprocal link/s.

    thanks for the help, gary, really, i mean it!

  5. Hehehe. Glad to see Chelle will probably one of the people there ;) I was chatting about some girl stuff with her before and I think she’d be right for Kikay Exchange :D

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