Aug – Sep are the most beautiful times of the year. Barops. How Terrorists and the government can help one another, and other troubling thoughts.

I just turned off the TV after watching people like former National Security Adviser Roilo Golez, the head of the PNP group in charge of Aviation safety, and some Airport chief person lambast a recent event where a security expert boarded a Davao plane and easily put together a bomb.

According to them, the reported “security breach” could adversely affect the country’s economy and tourism industry, and someone said “Tourist arrivals might go down and that could adversely affect our economy”. Golez said that the expert should have confirmed with the Authorities first, before conducting the test, presumably so they would be more prepared. The PNP guy said “Pinahiya kami nang walang laban (We were embarrassed without being given a chance to give our side),” according to here.

You know what? I agree! While we’re at it, the best thing to do imo, is ask all the terrorists, to please register themselves with the Philippine Government, and kindly inform us whenever they plan to undertake civil unrest, kidnappings, suicide bomb attacks, beheadings, crashing planes into buildings, and all sorts of activity that may be described as ‘terrorist’ or ‘terrorist-like’.

Duly registered extremist groups should then provide a list, with pictures and pertinent data, of their members along with their itinerary, so that the Philippines can know ahead of time when such activities will occur. Will that not be so much more convenient for everyone? I’m positive Mr. Golez would agree. I further suggest that after registration, the government can then issue nametags, with smart chips and barcodes and all that, so that airport officials would not be so ‘surprised’ and ‘taken aback’ whenever such incidents occur. With such cards, they can even be given special VIP privileges, such as discount coupons from Duty Free and the chance to win special prizes!

Alas, but NAIA may not have a budget for that. Yes I know times are hard. They could at least give the guys a free cup of coffee and some biscuits while they wait at the departure lounge, it’s the very least we could do for their efforts.

In other news, Jill and I spent most of today doing pretty much what we did last year, which is help her sorority help the collective UP Barristers (thats what they call those who are supposed to take the Bar. Yes I learned something new.), prepare for the Bar Exams at DLSU. Called ‘BarOps’, its essentially ‘demand as much as you can from fellow students so you can ‘concentrate’ for the next day’s proceedings, which in turn effects these to run around looking busy and squawk like headless chickens’, or something to that effect.

At any rate, we were driving around the city picking up ‘tips’, buying flowers from Sampaloc, and looking for 24 hour McDo branches at 3am all in the name of above mentioned pursuit. It was fun, that is, if you happen to suffer from Insomnia. But nevertheless I resolved to learn something from it. And that would be – help Jill prepare for her time next year, so that I’d only have to do that one more time in my life. Yep, that’d be the lesson there.

Anyway, a big shoutout to Rosa, who was amongst those taking the Bar in the weeks to come, something I woefully did not do last year. So in the hope my wishes of success will serve to do the trick, should you read this, I am in full expectation of news of your triumphant achievement, in due course.

That ‘course’ being a year, as it apparently takes the DOJ that long to check their papers and publish the results. I suppose this prepares these young lawyers for later in life in some way, although it escapes me how at the moment. Perhaps it teaches them to learn to function for a prolonged period in extreme agony and anticipation? If that’s the case then mission accomplished.

Don’t you think that the period at the end of August and right into September are the most beautiful months of the year? May to June is far too hot, and July brings storms. But right about now is when the weather can’t seem to make up its mind, and you’ve got sweltering heat in one hour, and a torrential downpour the next.

It was just that case a few hours earlier, when it was hot as summer in the early afternoon then suddenly rained like a typhoon in the span of a few minutes. Up here in mountainous Cainta, you can’t help see clouds moving about so busily, as if they couldn’t get ready enough to start pouring it on. And pour it did, making me have to run around the house closing windows and such.

I’ve always noticed ever since I was a little kid how that kind of weather brings such fantastic sunsets, and here we get to the ‘beautiful’ part. Even Inquirer’s headline today had a pic of a guy with a blazing ball of a sunset in the background.

I drove to Tiendesitas yesterday with the sun setting right in front of the car. It was one of those situations when you can’t use the visor no matter how low you set it, and it gets in your eyes. But I didn’t mind all that much, because it was just so beautiful. Everything was glowing yellow, orange and red, and the clouds were in these big puffy shapes clearly outlined in the sky, against a blue background.

Just before it rained earlier, and the gray clouds probably had something to do with it, everything was a complete dark shade of red. From the sky to the horizon, to the ground. From one of our windows we can see all the way to Laguna de Bay, and it was just breathtaking. Sometimes I think the reason I get so impressed is that I stare at a monitor all day, and no matter how hard it tries it really can’t get all those colors, those little nuances that make up a terrific scene.

But I know I’ve always been impressed at such things ever since I was a kid. It’s so grand, so beautiful, and the vast, quietness of it all just makes me take a breath and think that at that very moment everything just feels right.

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  1. on driving from one hotel to another for tips—>email lang naman ang sagot diyan. i still don’t know why we have to physically go there. hay naku

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