I’m screwed

  • My PC is rebooting all by itself. I used a super duper cleaner on it in a majorly fashion yesterday, and although the motherboard looks sparkling new now, it’s still rebooting, so I’m in for it. Plan A is to replace the power supply, which is my best guess culprit, and buy a new [tag]automatic voltage regulator[/tag] / [tag]uninterruptible power supply[/tag]. If that doesn’t work, then it’s time to look at new motherboards and RAM. No my finances aren’t able to handle this right now. When is it ever.
  • Please take a look at the new photos I put up at Elordeboxing.com. You look at those things and you think how precious they are. Thing is, there are tons more where that came from, but many are untitled and un-signed. I’ll put up a page soon saying that if there are any folks who want to contribute details to the untitled pics, to let me know.
  • I’ve posted the full transcript of the [tag]Tracy Mcgrady[/tag] interview on Basketball Exchange.
  • I have an interview tomorrow and a shoot I dont wanna go to. A PR person is sending me stuff I don’t understand, and I’m having to work with them to try and make it more interesting (read: make it make sense). Inasmuch as I wanna help, I wish PR people would be much more like some other pros I’d met, who are really skillful in making things ‘press-worthy’, and consequently making my job easier. Good PR, unlike most people might think, is actually producing really relevant and interesting copy, kinda like makeup that doesn’t look like it’s makeup (yes I’m learning from Kikay Exchange).
  • Ok, so today will be spent goign about fixing my PC. what a waste of a day dammit. I wanted to write. Arrgh. Oh well off I go.

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3 thoughts on “I’m screwed

  1. hey char! actually im off to jills na rin hehe. she’s been reduced to waiting for you to update baby pics again wawa naman :D

  2. Could be a memory issue. A faulty RAM module of mine once caused my PC to spontaneously reboot after a few minutes of running.


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