KikayEx attends its very first press event!

We received an invite to the “Dove Campaign for Real Beauty” website launch 4 days ago. I was actually wondering if someone was pulling our leg. After I confirmed however, we got this:

Hi there!

I’m glad to hear that you guys can make it to the exclusive launch event that will unveil Dove’s next Campaign for Real Beauty. You’ve been chosen to attend because of your influence in the blogging sphere, and we hope that you can help spread our message to other like-minded women.

See you there!

It was from Madz of OgilvyOne Worldwide, Dove’s PR. Funny how I’d always wanted this to happen, and when it does it sort of feels surreal. At any rate, we attended and had a great time:

Some people had more fun than others :)

Anyway, not only was it the 1st press event I’ve attended not as a PDI or some magazine correspondent, but as a publisher of my own publication as well.

KikayEx serves as a proof of concept for me. A combination of a few things I felt strongly would work, and it looks like it is. There are one or two more pretty new concepts I’ve been itching to execute, one having to do with how ad spots are sold, and another with selling stuff on the ‘net.

Once we get to try it out on Kiks, I’ll be taking the same formula to other industries (aka make more Exchanges). I honestly cannot wait.

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