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Finally Vista, and other Tech Predictions
Gabriel H. Mercado

Coming into next year, look forward to gadgets that are friendlier to each other, an Internet with more to see and hear than just read, and a big Scandal or two, all the while wondering if you should upgrade to Vista. Here are my predictions.

[tag]Vista[/tag] Everywhere – Microsoft’s Vista is scheduled to launch by February, so you’ll get swamped with Vista publicity, Vista love, Vista hate, and Vista Oohs, Aahs and Bleechs for most of the year. See, Vista is BIG news not only for Microsoft but good for business as a whole. Big computer manufacturers will get to release special Vista models at the same time, while software developers get to release Vista versions of their products. And since the deafening hype can easily lead to confusion, the press will have a field day explaining many of the wizardry behind it, which means even I will benefit too.

PS3 Rulez!! – At approximately $600.00 for the top model, the Sony PlayStation 3 is more expensive than some mid-range laptops. But when it comes to gaming gear it’s fairly hard to beat. While the Xbox has more games and the Nintendo Wii is cheaper, the PS3 offers Blue Ray movies, high definition games, backward compatibility with older models and is just plain easy to use. While it’s not going to wipe the floor with them, the PS3 is looking pretty good, and looks like it’ll lord over the competition.

Connected without cables – Wires are so early 2000s. While Bluetooth or Wi-Fi has been around for some time, look for future tech to go even further with digital cameras and cellphones that auto – magically detect and connect with each other, your PC or your laptop quickly, easily and completely without wires. Our previous experiences with wireless was dampened by slow connection speeds, limited range and a variety of other ills, all of which I expect to be ironed out next year. Now if they could only do something about the power cable.

DSL is the new landline – Since everyone has cellphones, the landline has been on the way out since the start of the decade. So why would one still want to go through a landline application? Because for some telecom companies, it’s the only way to get DSL. DSL is arguably still the fastest, most reliable and practical broadband solution for the home user, and is much preferred over Cable and Wi-Fi. Telecoms that offer DSL without need for a landline obviously understand the customer, and should enjoy an advantage.

My Blog, the Movie. – As blogs are mostly text driven, writers with their wit, personality and strength with the written word have a natural advantage. However, they’re not the only ones with an opinion they want to voice out. Fortunately, faster, more accessible broadband, cheaper video and images recorders, bigger storage, and easier blogging tools are becoming available to help future bloggers express themselves using graphics, images, video and audio for a more varied experience.

The Great Internet Scandal – No thanks to camphones and cheap webcams, people’s private moments, called ‘Scandals’, have been broadcast over Internet mailing lists and websites at a volume unlike any before in 2006. If [tag]Time Magazine[/tag] considers the content generating user as the Person of the Year, then it’s obviously to the benefit of the voyeur. Just ask any group of males with camphones for their ‘video collection’, and at least one of them will oblige with something juicy for you. 2007 being an election year, not only will we have more ‘Scandals’, but someone really famous and / or influential will get caught doing something nasty. I’m not talking about mere actors or personalities, from whom such behavior is actually expected, I’m talking people in power, someone really BIG, performing either a private or illegal act. It’s happened several times in other Asian countries and more recently to a Congressman in the US, whose email advances to an intern was broadcast on his blog. It can be in the form of email, pictures, or videos, but it will definitely be damning, and because we’re all voyeurs, quite entertaining.

Paypal, or something like it – There’s hardly anything as ironic as the fact that the Philippines, while heavily dependent on OFW money, doesn’t have PayPal support. While I’ve heard they’re on its way, I expect either they, or someone like them, will finally see the light and get some sort of reliable payment gateway going. [tag]PayPal[/tag] will allow us to market services and compete internationally without leaving our shores, empowering hundreds of thousands of businesses. This is something we should have had yesterday, so if only for that fact, I predict this year it will come true.

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