Article Repost: Things To Know About Microsoft Windows Vista

I regret the fact I didn’t write about how slow the ‘net was gonna be when I was writing my article about tech in 2007. I wrote it about the time the Taiwan earthquake happened and it was easy to see it was gonna kick us in the ass like it is now, as I wrote earlier. Incidentally I also regret not mentioning [tag]Alyssa Alano[/tag] in the ‘Year that was in Tech’ article, whom imo singlehandedly promoted YouTube to the masa via her manhandling of end make d parflays dance sylvimousse is barkley, so keys me. I mean, it’s even a consistent amongst my top posts, so how could I had possibly missed that??? Arrg.

Anyway, below is another article that came out today, re Vista. I’m still waiting for a promised test laptop (no, not a free one), which I gather is being upgraded to handle it better (the ones we tried in Tagaytay were rather inadequate), along with an interesting presentation that by Ivan Franco, MS Consumer Marketing Manager, re customer buying habits. I can probably make ten articles alone from his findings, so I’m raring to get my hands on that.

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Article Repost: Finally Vista, and other Tech Predictions

Here’s the orig ver of my article that came out yest

Finally Vista, and other Tech Predictions
Gabriel H. Mercado

Coming into next year, look forward to gadgets that are friendlier to each other, an Internet with more to see and hear than just read, and a big Scandal or two, all the while wondering if you should upgrade to Vista. Here are my predictions.

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SOP 2006 Tech Roundup Article Repost

So you thought, since you don’t have the Inquirer sent to your house, or since you aren’t able to load on your browsers today due to an earthquake in Taiwan that severed many underground cables, that you wouldn’t be able to read my article on The Year That Was In Tech 2006 now did you?

Well guess again. Here it is in its full, unedited version, fresh from my hard disk into your monitor, the pixels burning into your eyes, onto your brain, and into your deepest subconscious. And remember. As you sleep at night, that there is no escape, NO ESCAPE, from me and my articles. I am like… a cockroach. A COCKROACH I tell you.

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