Good Luck to Cyberpress’ Team @ the Petron Extra Mile Challenge!

drive sloooow guys

I have no idea whether a really important (to me) article I submitted last Monday made it to the papers today. I was hoping for next week so I’d have more time to prepare but they asked for it last Monday so there I was at Figaro, Rob. Galleria pounding away late PM on a borrowed Mac beating the deadline.

Fantastic strong WiFi signal at that place btw. Free, clear and a terrific come on to anyone with a wifi thing. And boy am I loving that Mac, a tiny 2 yr. old (?) G4 Powerbook. It’s broken, but it didn’t fail me that time. That thing is a PERFECT writing machine. I don’t blame writers for preferring it. I don’t see it as a programming machine, and its far too weak for a gaming machine, and I doubt Excel users would like its tiny screen, so it might not even do well as a business machine. But for writing? You just Gotta love that clicky keyboard, uncluttered screen and overall look. PRetty pretty pretty.

So anyway, I don’t see my article out at the online version, and we didn’t get our dead tree version today, so I’m crossing my fingers they moved it to next week. Hope so, as it really deserves better treatment than a rushed article.

At any rate, my to do lists are calling me, so I’ll take my leave with a big GOOD LUCK to [tag]Manila Times[/tag] Tech Editor Jing Garcia and [tag]Manila Bulletin[/tag] IT Reporter Melvin Calimag who, at present, are somewhere in Luzon driving as economically as they can in either a [tag]Honda Jazz[/tag] or City, as Team CyberPress’ representatives to the Petron Extra Mile Challenge.

Their respective EMPTY blogs are here and here. What’s up with that? Magsulat naman kayo!

anyway, good luck to both and ingat mga bro. win one for the writing geeks.

(I took the Pic above from last year’s Nokia Christmas party, after we all failed to win in the raffle. Not very reassuring pic I know, considering they’re joining a very tough contest. My official excuse is that it’s my only pic of the two together :)

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