Minor Panic

Deciding to take advantage of the morning – only bursts of speed ye PLDT DSL Gods allow us, I upgraded most of my blogs to the all – new, bright and shiny WordPress 2.1, after which I was jolted by a multiple post issue, where a post comes out in several instances depending on how many categories it was marked under.

I immediately posted it to the wordpress support area, which has now become a sort of archive for a blow by blow account of my experience, here.

I will resolve to download the latest version from here, but I need to go get scrubbed, eat a little, and get my barong ready for Drago and Margoth‘s wedding later at 3pm, a social event I am looking forward to because, well, it gets my mind off work for awhile, in particular from stupid WordPress errors.

Shoes. Check. Barong. Check. Pants.. uhoh. Off to the mall.

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