It’s all good.

i just spent almost 15 hours straight dealing with php, mysql, drupal, wordpress, iis, windows services, the mysql configurator, phpmyadmin, and googling topics like ‘mysql can’t find any matching role in the user table’, ‘#2003 – The server is not responding’, ‘Client does not support authentication protocol’, and the intricacies of ‘create table’, ‘create user’, ‘grant’ and ‘old passwords’, and i’ve finally gotten the goddam project running, but certainly not finished.

Ive got 2 articles to finish, 1 or 2 editors texting, another large project breathing down my neck, interviews to transcribe, videos to upload rip and burn, quotations and projects to quote and layout, clients to bill, receivables to receive, and a goddam water bill that’s threatening to cut us off tomorrow so that means I have to take a trip down to get money to pay it, pay it, then get back here hopefully with enough energy to resume what i’m doing before I left off.

Before that, i spent hours trying to figure out why kikay ex’s sidebar takes up more space when looking at individual posts than during the index, and before that, firing emails at a mailing list trying to fix my problem with the eventcal plugin, which is currently screwing up four of my blogs, all of which remain unresolved, at this moment eating away at my html / php / wordpress / mysql obsessive compulsive disorders.

Thank God Margot’s and Drago’s wedding last night was wonderful. The two were obviously happy, I had a great time, and definitely so did everyone. What a wonderful family Jill has. What a terrific person she is. If it weren’t for her, I’d not have the strength. I’d have been dead and buried months ago. Seriously, I am blessed.

2 thoughts on “It’s all good.

  1. What a terrific person she is. If it werent for her, Id not have the strength. Id have been dead and buried months ago. Seriously, I am blessed.

    awww…how sweet!

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