DVD-RW and Power Supply Installation Picture Taking Madness!!

I’ve no idea why I’m doing this. I think I’m probably bored. And it’s not like I’ve other more pressing things to do. Anyway, am putting up pics of my new Power Supply and DVDRW. Ok so here we go:

Out with the old.

In with the new.

It comes with a 24 pin cable to the motherboard. Unfortunately my PC uses only 20.

But not to worry, you can remove the extra 4.

Like so.

So anyway, here now is the new DVDRW drive from Lite-On which promises such things as the “Super All-Write’ feature, which promises “SMART-WRITE : Through drive’s self-learning function, automatically detect and decide the optimal write strategy of DVD recordable media (DVD+R & DVD-R) for the best quality.”

Whatever man, as long as it can write DVDs I’m happy. Notice it comes with two facias in black and silver aside from the default bleeech beige it comes with.

To change the facia, you have to remove some of the clip things. Here’s one of them. There’s another on top and on the other side.

So you use the included piece of wire to manually open the drive.

There you go.

Then you use a downward motion to remove the cover of the flap. Because I’m the adventurous type with a little rebellious streak to boot, I decided to go for a silver / black combination.

But before that, you’ve gotta take off the main cover first and replace it. (Yes I screwed up and it turns out I have to do this first before the previous step. Hey who said this is an official step by step guide?! So sue me.)

Ok so we’re all good.

Et voila!! My silver / black combination DVDRW drive.

You know I feel like such a rebel for not following the black / black or silver / silver combination. No, actually.. more like an artiste with an ‘e’ at the end, to sorta highlight my genius. Or rather, kinda like a rock star. Yeah I like the sound of that. I’m the coolest, really. Whatever I am, I am a DVD-RW and Power Supply Installing Guy God!!

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