I’m Back Online!

And I celebrated by putting up a new template, called typoxpreloaded (hey i dont know where he got the name from either).

At any rate, am following up on a great deal of backlog work, starting with enhancements to Pwit, trying to put a new template at movie ex (which was unsuccessful, so i left it at state for the moment as it is too big a job to undertake for now. Also, whilst searching for templates, I found this one, hence the change), and hopefully by tomorrow, updates to Kikay Ex and some very very long awaited improvements to a client’s site and some new ones.

These, along with immediate plans to make PLDT own up to the lack of service (from feb 17 to yest, mar 2) by faxing them a letter telling them not to bill me, an article I wanna work on but can’t (explain later), and a myriad other things, including a big Nike sale at Megamall (!!!).

Whew. Gets me tired just thinking about it. Lots of stuff going on. Will be back to chat later. Laterz.

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