Once again I am here to expound on my lack of DSL woes.

But worry not dear reader. I am in high spirits regardless. Basically because, well, there’s no other recourse but to be. I have been spending my time trying to do as much as I can outside of the Internet, and so far it’s been ok except for the fact that I cannot further plans revolving around those that do involve the Internet because basically, PLDT will not give me a solid date with which to assume that all will once again be well.

This is alarming because basically, almost all my financial activities revolve around access to such, and immediate as in immediate (as in should have been yesterday) plans were in the works for me to up the ante even more, resolving to go tentatively at first, but full blast as quickly as possible, into the business of hosting. Hosting in the level of involvement I was planning to go into requires at the very least a fast connection, and at best one backup should things go awry, a situation aptly describing that of today.

Internet access had already been at a high level of importance to me that I would sacrifice living in less than ideal conditions if only to satiate my need for such. Venturing into said activity obviously further emphasizes this requirement tenfold, requiring me not only to have double the access (if so possible) but even surgically attach a device to my person and find suitable connectivity in whichever way possible should I venture outside it’s reach (the resulting inconvenience which, incidentally, was the primary reason I had pushed this idea aside for the longest time, only doing so now because the Exchanges have reached a stage of growth and traffic, making it practical).

But what can I do. Fate and Ye Internet Gods have conspired against me, the resultant inactivity I deal with as best I can.

And so I have been spending a lot of time reading China Hands, the book I mentioned in my last post. Unfortunately I am a slow reader, which I find annoying and am quite embarrassed about it to tell the truth. Remember when sometimes, you have to read an article together with someone? Well, I try to avoid that as much as possible because the person I’m reading with usually gets really impatient waiting to turn the page while I mosey along in slow motion reading bliss. So I like absorbing each word what can you do?

At any rate, the chief, in his great wisdom and benevolence, has found it fit to lend me a copy of The Cuckoo’s Egg, which he wrote about here, and the book ‘Takedown’, re Kevin Mitnick hacker extraordinaire. These comprise my reading list in addition to “Where The Game Matters Most”, which I intend to begin directly upon finishing what I’m reading now.

Which may explain my high spirits regardless of the situation, fueled, as one can see now, by the wealth of books and the fortune of time to read them as I wish. While the world busies around me completely engrossed in itself as it tends to be, I am on my bed, or sitting by our garden, relishing in literary bliss.

Which I grant myself, for the moment, as I can’t do anything but.

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