Legends Never Die.

I still cannot really come to believe that the great Dennis Johnson has passed away.

Not that I’ve lost grip on reality, it’s just that the Great DJ is such a larger than life character to me. He is my idol of all idols. He is the reason I’ve always worn jersey #33, (somebody already beat me to DJ’s #3 when I first started playing organized ball, so I settled for the next best thing).

I hated the Celtics, but I loved DJ. His stats: NBA champion (1979, ’84, ’86); NBA Finals MVP (1979); All-NBA First Team (1981); All-NBA Second Team (1980); All-Defensive First Team (1979-83, ’87); All-Defensive Second Team (1984-86); Five-time NBA All-Star 1979-82, ’85).

He wasn’t the tallest, quickest or strongest, but he made – no, worked, disciplined and forced himself to be the best. And that, to me, makes him my Greatest.

DJ will forever be my hero.

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