Coping with no net

I’m at the Compass Internet Cafe at Galleria. The difference between this and Netopia is that this place allows you to use Firefox, although the default is this annoying ‘Avant Browser’ which looks like some sort of IE add-on and, as is usual for such things, thoroughly annoying therefore.

At any rate, this is Day 6 of no internet at home, and my resulting efforts to cope have been interesting. First off, by an amazing stroke of luck I managed to score two excellent books. First, there’s “China Hands”, by James Lilley where he recounts his experiences growing up in China and eventually serving in operations of the CIA, and eventually ending up as U.S. ambassador in 1973. His is an absolutely absorbing tale of history and true drama.

The other is “Where The Game Matters Most“, about the 1996-97 high school basketball season in Indiana, the last year when the old rules of equal competition still applied before the new divisional system segregating schools by size came into place. The old rules allowed for such miracle stories as the ‘Hoosiers’, but more importantly discusses the small towns and small town details that make Indiana the mystical mecca of basketball (as opposed to New York, which is the mecca of the NBA), that it is.

I’ve only started a few pages each but it’s obvious they are true finds. And both for the absolute steal of P300+ for both. These’ll keep me in

3 thoughts on “Coping with no net

  1. You’ll survive this net drought, Gar. I did. Ten days. Just got it back Friday night. It was like passing kidney stones, I tell you. But you’ll pull through. God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle.

    When you get your service back, pahiram nung China Hands mo ha?

  2. surely! am almost midway, its much more interesting than i thought. especially the parts re his interactions with several prominent fil – chinese families (very familiar names to us), when he was here in the 60s. makes one wonder about their CIA relations vis a vis their financial success. completely absorbing.

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