Kikay Breaks 100 Members while its Admin Fumes in Netopia!

Recollected discussion with 171 PLDT customer support 11am:

callcenter person (after asking my telno, name, and relation to account owner): ah sir, matagal na po ito ano ho? tinawag ninyo noon 17 pa. Alam nyo na po kung ano yung reason ng pagkawala ng connection ninyo?
me: grunt (meaning neither yes or no, just tell me).
callcenter person: kasi po may problem yung switch namin sa inyong area. Ibig sabihin po nito karamihan din po ng mga sa inyong area wala rin pong service.
me: grunt (meaning tell me something I don’t know).
callcenter person: Itong switch po ang responsible for… (some semi technical whatever chuva explanation re how important this switch is).
me (finally getting a word in): estimated time?
callcenter person: baka po umabot ng a few weeks.

me: WEEKS?!?!?!

callcenter person: (somewhat taken aback and quickly searching for something to say) opo, kasi po itong switch na ito ay .. (reverts back to chuva explanation re the switch.).
me: MORE THAN ONE WEEK???!?!?!
callcenter person: opo may possibility po. kasi po.. (didn’t hear him anymore. thinking about work, deadlines, alternatives.. ).
me: ok thank you.
callcenter person: ok sir (sounds relieved) is there anything else I can…
me: (hangs up. sorry, I know that’s rude but really, what else is there for us to discuss?)

So there you have it. Whatever that switch is, it’s so tremendously difficult to replace it that the collective might of one of Asia’s most powerful companies cannot remove the offending equipment, order one from inventory, deliver to site, replace, test and bring to production within, oh say, a reasonable three days. Nope, they need weeks to replace it. Weeks.

Hayy but what do I know. Maybe the callcenter guy’s just bluffing, and the thing will be up way before that to make everyone feel that they’ve done a fantastic job. Or maybe he really doesn’t know (which is likely). Or maybe it’s not just a switch problem at all, and some underground seismic activity has awakened a long frozen prehistoric monster buried along PLDT’s Cainta lines, and that scientists around the world are converging at Valley Golf as we speak to witness it’s rebirth, quickly seconding the importance of our DSL connection as it is obviously a less important event.

Whatever the reason is, it’s certainly not good enough to base the operations of my business on. I’ll have to think of something fast.

Oh and btw, Kikay broke 100 members today. My God isn’t that so amazing?? I am just astounded by its growth, really.

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  1. You’re free to use mine during the day. Wala namang gumagamit pag nasa school sila at nasa office ako.

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