What I’d do if I had internet at home

God that title sounds pathetic. But really, what else could I think of, sitting here at this, imo unfortunately named ‘Excel’ Internet Cafe at Ever (Gotesco?) mall Ortigas, Jhologs Central. Ok I added that ‘Jhologs Central’ and that’s not really their name, but it might as well be. Here, otherwise normal Filipino men and women converge to sing Guns and Roses classics at corner videoke stations in full tilt till they’re blue in the face, without getting arrested for disturbing the peace. They may as well walk right up to me and hit me with a baseball bat, the effect being the same.

This is my 2nd post today. I call the house from time to time hoping someone would pick up as this would indicate that phone (and maybe DSL) service would have been returned, to no avail. It is dawning on me that this situation is getting dim. Not only can it get expensive (obviously I don’t spend on just the ‘net access, but on food and other important stuff as well, like videoke sessions), but it’s also very boring. I cannot work on the Exchanges and my clients at internet cafes. It just don’t work that way. The most I’ve done is send a billing statement, and that’s it. That’s work for the day. Whoopee.

So anyway, I was gonna write my todo list when I decided, why not blog it, right? So here it goes.

  1. try out rtorrent as I am looking for a command line bittorent client that I can access via remote. The geekness factor of this is just mind – blowing, added to the possibility of downloading stuff via a 24 hour connected machine. I honestly cannot wait and will be posting about that soon as well.
  2. finally lick that problem with Kikay Ex that has the sidebar going beneath the post when looking at individual posts. I’ve exhausted every.possible.solution I can think of, when it dawned on me that Dandyna’s templates, the Italian girl where I got the WP template from, is just not WP 2.1 compliant yet. So I have to revert back to second to latest version, which I’ve never done before. I figure once I’ve done that, the only thing left is to write my own template, which again I’d do if I had a connection. Damn.
  3. Fix some of my client’s sites. The fact this is a mere third on my list (especially after learning about command line torrenting) belies my work ethics. Let this post never be seen by any of my clients.
  4. Finally transcribe and finalize the audio and video files I need to transcribe and finalize. I know you don’t need Internet for that sort of stuff, but I want Internet, ok? I WANT INTERNET. BRING BACK MY INTERNET!!!!

    I’m sure there’s a whole lot of other stuff, but I think I’ve spent too much time at ‘Excel’ Internet Cafe Jhologs Central already, and should go now. But the prospect of going back to my house, as nice and comfortable as it is but without Internet, is just too goddam depressing. Besides, it’s just too distracting to check out the ‘My Documents’ folder in these cafes, where various chicks, guys, chickguys and guychicks seem to like leaving revealing webcam quality pictures of themselves in.

    There’s this ultra hot pic of a girl someone probably sent someone, which is great except I’ve seen it probably a thousand times before. There’s even one of Sandara Park in a magazine cover pose wearing a dominatrix get up, titled ‘Meeeeeeeeh.jpg’. It’s not so much that someone’s sending somebody else’s pic and claiming it to be themselves that bothers me. It’s the fact that she likes to sound like a goat when referring to herself.

    Anyways I’m off again. Hope I don’t have to come back here tom.

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  1. I really miss Zoe and the mountain air and the little white house and peace and quiet. Back there soon, with Destiny : )

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