PLDT. Again.

So guess what. Yep, it’s PLDT time again. This time, our whole village, since last Friday, has lost both voice and DSL connections. The phone is a complete dead set, with no signal, no hiss, no noise, nothing. You can try calling our landline and it’ll ring, but again, we wont hear anything on our side. I found out it was a village – wide thing purely by chance when I played ball with my homies (the kids I coach) yesterday, when I happened to overhear them talk about their phone woes as well. Needless to say, DSL is an absolute zero.

What to do? Well, here’s one response:


..and that, really, is all the reaction I can have about that.

Its very very fortunate I’ve pretty much finished most of the work on my projects. Without the internet, my computers are absolutely still, not downloading, accessing doing anything. So I’ve spent my time doing all the other stuff non – Internet related, like drilling holes for new shelves I’ve wanted to put up, cleaning up here and there, and shooting hoops. I tried to work on a few video files I wanted to edit and audio files of interviews I’ve been meaning to transcribe, but without the ‘net, it just feels all weird to be turning the PC on at all. I even tried playing NBA Live, which I’ve kept on my PC as an ISO for the longest time, but it only made me wanna go out and play ball. The recent NBA All Star festivities also made me wanna do that.

Ok I think I’m rambling now. I’ll just end this by saying how, when our neighbour texted me asking what ‘noise’ could we make to make PLDT fix things up, I thought to myself ‘What reason do we have to believe they’re not doing what they can already‘? I know it’s unpopular in this country to actually defend PLDT, but if they’re run by sysads who are anything like the sysads I know, they’d be up all night trying to fix the problem. And until I have proof against it, I don’t feel like ranting because really, it pretty much sounds like an accident, and there is no way for me to know they’re not doing their job anyway, other than actually driving around looking for PLDT trucks and asking around, which I don’t think I’ll do.

And I don’t even bother anymore listening to their harrassed call center kids trying their hardest to placate customers like me with words like “Sorry sir but line testing takes 24 – 48 hours.” and “We are checking our computers to see what the problem is at our end.” What good is it if I go amok on these kids? They’re just mouthing stuff from some manual or something, and honestly, they couldnt care less whether they sound like they do or not. I mean if I were they, I wouldn’t, so why should I expect them to? I just call them from time to time to make them indicate they have received my complaint call, and pretty much say goodbye after that.

And don’t think I spend all my time writing about how fucked up PLDT is, because somewhere in this blog (I dunno where but it’s there trust me), I’ve written praises re them on how great their DSL service is, as they’ve been pretty fast back at Mandaluyong, at my client at Ortigas, and where I live now. I would’ve written about how normal things have become now since the Taiwan thing, except I’ve been waiting for news reports to indicate the thing has actually been patched up, but there hasn’t been one yet. Surely there will be soon though. PLDT has got PR people for that.

Ok enough rambling. Have a good day y’all.

4 thoughts on “PLDT. Again.

  1. more than a week na?!? just you or your neighborhood too? man that sucks. and why havent you written re it at PWIT?

  2. oh whenever man. I’ve actually been waiting for assignments so that i’d get a chance to hook up. been meaning to ask stuff.

    anyway, kahit kelan, ill just show up :)

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