Ok so this is one of those ‘this is what i did today in pictures’ posts – A Semi-Review of the Sony DSC-N2

Which, I’m sure, is probably not gonna win any awards, but what the heck who cares. At any rate, this scores as a techie post as well. See, I’ve two new cameras at my disposal, the bombastically blingy DSC-N2 and the fashion-y DSC-T50, which Jill has already reviewed for Kikay.

So the thing is, the PR firm always loans me Sony cams without memory sticks. This is of course very limiting since I very well can’t go out taking 10 megapixel shots at full quality. The DSC-N2 only has 25mb. internal memory, so I’d probably end up taking 2 shots at most. So instead, I decided to take as many nice pics as I can at the lowest setting (VGA) possible. See, the way I see it, if the pics still come out okay, then that means the lens and the way its processors interprets colors – two of the more important factors that make a digicam – are ok too.

Brilliant eh? So armed with this self – styled (and I wouldn’t be surprised if flawed) reasoning, plus the fact that there’s a free entrance vintage car show at the Greenhills parking lot today commemorating San Juan’s Centennial, the fact that I’m a San Juan boy through and through, PLUS the fact that Jill has 1k worth of Burgoo GCs for some reason (who asks details when someone has GCs? Just go for it!), meant we had all the elements for a nice day out with a nice hi – end cam (I just used the DSC – N2 today. I’ll use the T50 for another time).

So on with the pics!

First off to Burgoo, with some shrimpy salad thing

some pasta..

and some tomato something soup with chicken.

then came something I didn’t expect, the baby back ribs:

which is enough to feed me for a week. Seriously, I’m the one who needs to buy food every week from the market and, occasionally, grocery for the past few months, and being faced with this enormous slab of meat is really hard to take. So many times we’ve had to make do with what little I could afford (ok, sobsob. and I’m not finished), and I’ve learned to really stretch the peso for as long as I could with only a few hundred bucks, partly because even the palengke is really expensive, partly because I wasn’t really good at it (I’ve learned a whole lot now), and partly because it’s really such a hassle to find time to go buy food and work at the same time. At any rate, it was delicious, but overwhelming really. A mere tenth of that comprises a whole normal meal for me. Serious.

Anyway, on with the show. Ending with the interesting ceiling lights at Burgoo Promenade Greenhills:

And after an hour or two walking around crowded Virra Mall, we then got to, uhmm, Le Cour was it? Or whatever. It’s the Frenchy place beside Starbucks at the Theater area. Where we had some really refreshing mango shake:


Nothing like a tall one on a HOT day like today:

And then finally, the moment I we had all been waiting for, when it wasn’t so hot anymore at around 4-ish PM, on to the car show!!!

It was fairly well attended by most of the standard car show attendees. Like the cute Minis:

The VWs, the Old Schoolers, The Mustangs:

and of course the real vintage ones, like this cool Willys jeep:

and the rag top tourers, like the MGs, Triumphs and a very nice Datsun Fairlady.

When I was a kid there was a Fairlady rotting away a few blocks from our house, which the owner said he’d sell to me for P20k. I tried as hard as I could to get my mom to buy it but no go. I’m trying not to think about what could’ve been if only we couldve bought it and let it stayed in our garage until a time would come that I could straighten it out. I swear it took me years to get over not getting to buy it, and seeing a perfect condition one (which might even be the one I wanted to buy, who knows?), brings it all back. I think I’ll need therapy now.

Anyway, my friend Geo’s two Benzes were there, part of the Benz Club’s display. Here’s his, which used to be owned by Ninoy Aquino (with Jill in a slightly weird pose. Maybe it was because she was imagining Kris in it? Anyway sorry hon.):

and here’s his Gelandewagen.

He bought that thing with my assistance, he needed someone to drive his car back from Batangas City where it was, and we drove all the way there and back that day. The previous owner had two other Gelandewagens, and a Ferrari Mondial, which of course, I sat in, but didn’t drive. Anyway, it was cool. Don’t let the bling effects fool you though, this model was strictly army issue and was very plain. He’s spruced it up quite a bit more since.

There was also the old school club, one of which was this Escort:

Which wouldn’t have caught my eye if it werent for the really cool racing stripes that I wanna apply to my own car:

The VW Club was all present, here’s a nice Kharmann:

and my vote for Car of the show (if I voted, we didn’t stick around long enough to), a nice blue one. I particularly liked this for the almost perfect color. That, and the fact I’ve always wanted a Kharmann Ghia. My dad owned a hell of a lot of different VWs when I was a kid, so I’m familiar with most of them. I think Kharmanns are the coolest of the lot.

So anyway, we end this picture tour with another frustration of mine, an early 70’s Toyota Celica Supra:

I know this car is really rather heavy, and hence, kinda slow inspite of it’s big engine. This makes it always very thirsty. I wouldn’t be surprised if it does 8km / liter or so.

But just look at it! Why do I like it? Well seriously, only because it was such a trying hard to look like a sports car – car. It stole a lot of style from the Mustangs (which in turn stole a lot from Ferraris), but like it I still did. It’s cool. I insist. And it’s not too hard to find a good working one these days, or at least one that you could work on. I think it’s 100x more cooler to buy this than say, a new Altis or Vios, and end up spending for a 5th of the cost too. Sure that 8km / liter thirst and maintenance costs would make it all catch up on you, but you’re too much of a rebel to care, right?

Anyway, I’m not making sense now. Super hot tiring day after all. That’s my photo review of the day, with the DSC-N2, capable of making 10mpx shots, at VGA mode. I chopped them down to 380 width to fit on this blog – the orig sizes were 640 x 480 resulting in 70kb to 150kb sizes. So basically, if you like the photos it came up with, the idea is, all you have to do is imagine how it’d be if the settings were better.

Yeah I think that’s the point of this post. Signing off.

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