A Server To Move The World

may232007_enough.jpgToday’s the 3rd day after The Big Server Move And to those who don’t really know what I’m talking about, it’s the day I moved my domain Exchange.ph from just – barely – handling – it hosting at Mobilehive.com to hosting – for – the – big – boys Rimuhosting.com (I figured I had to explain that cause I read what I’ve written and realized I may have been fuzzy. Sorry about that, credit it to being overworked).

Ok here’s more details. Exchange.ph, due to the websites it contains (Kikay, Mom, Basketball, Mobile and Movie), was already suffering from extreme server loads, causing me to surpass my monthly download limits on a regular basis, sometimes 2x in one month. In total, the sites get up to 1,000 to 1,500 visits a day, averaging close to 30+ gb. a month worth of downloads. Actually, I wouldn’t know if that’s accurate, since everything stops when I hit 30gb. and any further requests would go to dev/null I presume.

I have documented (geeks like to document) most all my experience in The Big Move as I like to refer to it, in the past two posts. My main issues were importing my +-200mb. gz databases (each), the exporting and importing of which possibly developed a few white hairs, and causing me to actually get a zit on my forehead (that’s what happens when I get no sleep. Even back in high school.)

And now I can say with 90% surety that everything has gone well. Not bad for a first – timer, especially given the fact I had to do the whole thing six times over (because there are six sites total, including this). As a result I am now ready and far more confident that my sites are gonna do ok. No more 10 – 15 seconds to load a page. Kikay, by far the most popular, downloads in less than five seconds. I gotta tell you that is astounding. Well ok sure it can actually do better, but hey I think that’s pretty good at this stage, especially during the afternoons when an average 20 – 30 people are loading it at the same hour.

So what next?

There are still a few niggling tech issues here and there, but the main important thing right now is to get all this tech geekery behind me and concentrate on business. Primarily, marketing and related activities. Basketball Exchange was invited last night to a big sports event, while Mom Exchange has been offered a pretty sweet deal that we can’t wait to take up. Kikay is the biggest mover of the two, but the fact that it’s queen is burying her head in study these days means we’re gonna have to back that up a bit. No biggie. We’ll get there in due time.

MomEx has a few new features coming up that will make use of all that juicy bandwidth and server power. And of course, there are two new Exchanges that I am preparing to launch, probably both before the year ends.

So what can I say? The biggest hurdle I had have to face with my Exchanges, hosting, has been resolved, and I am on a high. I dreaded the days leading up to the Big Move because many times I felt I was in over my head. In fact, I think I was at some points, and if it weren’t for the help of a few kind souls I’d have been in the dark growing zits. But that is all in the past, and now, I have to move even further.

Saying I am excited is putting it mildly. In fact, I’m rather reminded of Archimedes. Ok I know your eyes might be rolling at this point, but he’s the one who said ‘Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world‘.

Finally I have a solid place to stand. Now let’s see about Moving The World.

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