Annoying WordPress Permalinks Error Since Server Move

Warning, highly techie post. All those looking for my usual touchy feely posts please move along now, nothing to see here. Just documenting a disaster of a Permalinks error on WordPress below, which I posted at the WordPress Forum. Posting it below again to document it, to help anyone who has to go through same and so I can keep a record of this sorta crap.

All my 2.1.3 wordpress sites, which had been around since wp 1.5, used to use the structure:


ever since a recent server host move, the sites have started to insist on the ff. structure:


Appending the ‘index.php’ to all my URLs is a complete disaster as I use the Click Counter by Ozh plugin to count my most clicked links. These all now go to 404 pages. I really wanna keep using this as it has been recording my hits since forever.

I tried putting it back to without the index.php but it doesn’t work out, resulting in errors.

PLease help!?

2 thoughts on “Annoying WordPress Permalinks Error Since Server Move

  1. Have you checked your permalinks structure and the .htaccess file that it needs? WP gives you the required .htaccess file which needs to be placed on the server…

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