Announcing The Ballex Sim League,
and the formation of my Dream Team (Armchair) Basketball Analysts

Albeit somewhat late, I’d like to formally announce’s latest project, The Ballex Sim League. Here’s the clickable graphic:

In a nutshell, a Basketball Sim (simulation) league allows you the chance to run an NBA team as its General Manager (GM). As such, you are in control of your team’s destiny for a period of months similar to the NBA’s. You can make player trades with other virtual GMs like yourself, adjust your player rotations, and even do such things as increase and decrease specific skillsets for your player(s). Factors such as salaries, salary caps, team schedules and a player’s ‘greed’ (or his desire to play for money / loyalty) are additional things to think about which add to it’s realism.

There are two areas a virtual GM need to keep track of, namely the page where the game results are shown here, and the forum above. After you make adjustments to your team and perform trade after trade at the forum, you observe the game results to see how things go and make further adjustments / trades as needed. A virtual Commissioner, in the person of Gil Moreno (forum id: Cola), runs the simulations via a software he runs on his computer, uploads these results, and confirms / allows / supervises over all aspects of trading and adjustments on the virtual league – just like a real commissioner.

And as such, I think I can allow myself a sigh of relief somewhat, knowing that I have Gil and John Dacanay plus good friend John Knight (whose real identity he thinks he can hide), forming a Dream Team of sorts, to provide content for Basketball Exchange. John has long proven an incredible detailed knowledge of the PBA and Fil-Am news, and is in the process of finishing a coffee table book about it (watch out for that!). Gil on the other hand is yet another walking encyclopedia of basketball – mainly NBA and FIBA – knowledge. He has a skilled eye in checking out new talent and keeping tabs on them plus loads of experience in running and / or joining virtual leagues.

John Knight in the meantime, has ideas about how the RP Team should be formed (who doesn’t?!), and is credited for turning me on to the idea of Sim Leagues (which I’d not have learned of otherwise), while I will of course continue to provide my own views from time to time – most of which are wrong but its ok since I’ll delete anyone who leaves a comment that disagrees with me. I mean, that’s freedom of speech according to Gloria, right? I have the freedom to say anything I want, and make anyone else who disagrees disappear! Viva democracy!

Ok anyway, I’m veering off. There are still 10 or so slots left in the 29 team rotation needed for the Sim League, and the forum has, in the span of two weeks, gained a whopping 46 member roster! I think the league will start with only twenty teams for the moment, but more leagues are slated to start (yes we can have more than one running at the same time) if and when members indicate interest. Naturally, this service is completely FREE OF CHARGE, and is just part of our effort to make Ballex a more complete basketball resource.

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