Announcing: The Mom Exchange Garage Sale!

What is the MomEx Garage Sale?

The MomEx Garage Sale was created to address two nagging questions every parent eventually realizes: The first being: “What am I going to do with my baby’s old stuff?“, and the second: “Where can I buy a pre-owned but functional baby car seat, toys or educational material?“. Enter MomEx’s Garage Sale, which allows parents to get rid of old toys cluttering up their garage while at the same time, helping those who need them save money.

How Does It Work?

First, you signup, and make sure you enter the Location (City or Municipality) where you live. Second, click the category where your item falls under, and enter as much details as possible re your item. Items are segregated into Toys, Clothes, Books, Shoes, Strollers, Car Seats, etc. (we will add new categories as needed). You can also post pictures by uploading them in photo sharing sites such as Flickr or Photobucket, and just paste them onto your post. If you are selling numerous items, click the “By Lot” category, and enumerate the items you are selling. We also have a special “We are having a garage sale” category, where you can post the dates and times of your garage sale. We also have a “Looking To Buy” forum for those who are doing the the reverse of this process.

Please place specific details to help potential buyers. For example:

  1. Where and when it was bought.
  2. Its current condition.
  3. How many owners it has previously had if any.
  4. The right age it is for if applicable.
  5. Delivery information (if necessary).
  6. Asking Price, or if you are willing to trade, what you will trade for.
  7. Any other information you feel relevant to help people make a buying decision.

A Few Ground Rules

  • The Momex Garage Sale will run your ad for 90 days, after which it will be archived and become unavailable. Please keep tabs on responses to your offers. Momex admin cannot and therefore will not respond to questions about items for sale.
  • After 90 days, you will receive a request to donate your items to a charity. – (We are still working on this and will update this document soonest.)
  • The Momex Garage Sale offers this as a free service. As such, The Momex Garage Sale is not responsible or liable for any untoward incidents that may arise between buyers and sellers who may meet via this website. Delivery details, buyers or sellers obligations, if any, are purely between buyer and seller. Momex Garage Sale will not vouch for or confirm any buyer or sellers promises, debts, etc. We highly encourage everyone to abide by simple rules as outlined in “Always have your security in mind.” (below), and practice sincerity and common sense when buying and selling items with people you meet online.
  • Always have your security in mind.

    As with all things on the Internet, we encourage you not to place your complete address, telephone or cellphone number unless you know what you are doing. By placing your contact information on the Internet you are helping increase the chances of selling your items quicker. However, you are also opening yourself up to malicious attacks, which can range from harmless prank texts / calls to stalking.

    If you are fairly aware that you are safe from such things or can handle such situations, and are willing to forego these to help potential buyers or sellers contact you easier, then proceed with our blessing. If however, you are unwilling to take this risk, then consider using an alternative method of communicating, such as a Free Email (ie. Yahoo or Gmail) address, Chat (Yahoo, or Gtalk), or using the Private Messaging function of the Momex Garage Sale.

    So are you ready?

    Here are the links to get you started! Click here (will open another browser window) to view the forum. Click here to signup.

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