I’m Going To Interview Kobe

Our good friends at Nike Phils. have for some odd reason found it fit for my lowly self to be in the presence of The Great One.


I’ve waited for approx 2 weeks to finally make this announcement, preferring to remain on the safe side by making sure first. However a few days ago I received notice that I should ‘spread the word’ (and even then I demurred), but I think it’s sure now, so here’s the lowdown. Kobe Bryant, no. 24 guard for the Los Angeles Lakers and probably the U.S. Basketball Team (they’d be nuts to cut him), and the current most famous basketball player in the world and consequently, the ‘face of the NBA’ is coming to Manila on September 5 to hold a few clinics and of course, promote his new Fall 2007 Kobe II shoes. If I might add, in recent years, I’ve come to regard him as the best basketball player in the NBA as well, and it’s pretty hard to discount that.

But first, some disclaimers. I do not know if I’ll have as much time as I did with T-Mac last year, but I’d be happy just to throw a few questions or hang with him during one of his clinics. These press things are usually pretty hectic, with organizers trying their best to give everyone a chance but for the most part it’s really up to the press to find their time (ie. kick, scratch and elbow your way to him).

Re questions, I wanna ask his opinions on what’s it like to be in the zone, conditioning and his outlook on regular season, playoff games and other important games. Players like Kobe are special not because of their physical abilities. There are dozens of players in the NBA that are faster, quicker, stronger and bigger. What sets him apart is his attitude and overall approach to the game. I think how he sees the game and how he prepares for it is different from how others do, which is what sets him apart and makes him a winner.

Anyway, I’m pretty psyched just the same as with Tracy. Kobe is gonna be breezing by Manila in what is likely a quick blast through a very tight schedule so getting the chance to get pics taken and maybe get a conversation going and recorded on tape is a writer’s and a basketball fan’s dream come true all-in-one, so I’m really thankful to Nike for the chance.

Plus there’s a few surprises in store for some of the faithful in Ballex’s Sim League as well, so watch out for that. :)

(this is a cross post from Ballex)

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