Jill Takes The Bar

Jill is finally about to take the bar this Sunday and 3 Sundays after that. So before anything else, and to confirm what I’ve always told her, I will write here exactly what I’ve said and will always say: I am proud of you honey, you have done your best to prepare for this and I have no doubt in my mind that you will ace it, and that is not just boyfriend talk believe me.

Jill is one of those highly intelligent people that still do not completely understand what she’s capable of. For example she is obviously a closet geek, outwardly shunning ‘techie things’ when in fact she’s hooked on Karen my laptop, has realized the value of an iPod when she started living by herself at the dorm, and is completely hooked on GPRS. Aside from that, she knows how to handle HTML without an editor. I mean, beat that right? I taught her most of the html basics for the posts on Kikay but for the most part, she relies on using the WordPress GUI to produce her posts and then Photoshops her own images. That takes skill honey, so embrace your inner geekness and admit it so I can teach you CSS and you can fix some of Kikay’s flaws :)

At any rate I thought I was going to make like the good boyfriend and hang out in front of DLSU all day in support, but after two consecutive Bar Ops I think I’ve fully grasped the uselessness of such an endeavour. It’s obvious to me for example, that the most important thing is for the Barristers to get as much peace, quiet and rest as possible. If there’s anything they don’t know yet at that time, it’s clearly too late to learn anyway. Also, the last thing I wanna do is impose on her by making her worry about having to meet me before or after the whole shebang, and even if we do meet afterwards, she’s gonna be too knocked out anyway. I understand, being a College thing, how easy it is for things like these to become slumber parties, but it’s plainly obvious to keep these things as simple as possible. These people have enough on their minds as it is and the best thing to do is also the easiest: don’t get in their way.

Anyway, I suppose I should say this is a landmark moment of sorts for the both of us. We had been anticipating the Bar for so long now I’ve still to grasp the idea after she’s studied so much for so long and talked and waited and analyzed and thought about it so much, that it’s a surprise that it’s finally here. But inasmuch as it’s a big thing, I’ve still yet to have it sink in. I think it’s because I really do have all the confidence in her, and I recognize that mentioning it here is more of a matter of record rather than a cheering sis boom bah go go go sort of thing.

I’m just excited and glad that all that sacrifice and studying will eventually come to a halt, and we can finally move on with plans.

5 thoughts on “Jill Takes The Bar

  1. hey! good luck!!

    i did the Girlfriend thing and hung out at chowking too when stan took the bar years ago. yeah—totally useless. i stayed, though, with him for four nights (chaperoned by my then 12 year old brother), at the hotel and drove him to DLSU for the exam. i’d pick him up after as well.

  2. Awww what a sweet yet significant post, Cuz.

    Good luck Jill. :)
    Now that you mentioned it he has no choice but to pick you up after the exam. hehehe

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