Accepting Money is ALWAYS a Bribe.

To all the governors, congressmen, mayors, and everyone involved. Let there be no mistake about it: The moment you accept cash, you are considered bribed. You have sold out. It’s amazing to me that there’s even debate about it, when it is crystal clear. It really doesn’t matter what you do with that money or whether they ask something from you or not.

Ok let me clarify that last statement down in three phases: First, how you’re gonna spend the money: In a situation like a Malacanang meeting, being given cash with no receipt by a cohort of the President indicates that she wants you to align yourself with her. You can spend it to feed the poor and homeless ala Mother Teresa, or you can go on a month long cruise in the Bahamas – it doesn’t matter.

Second, where it came from: Obviously the large sums of money didn’t come with a receipt. It was put in an envelope and handed out to them like so much hor’s devours at a dinner party. This indicates that efforts were made to detach the money from any sort of accounting and doing so, given the amounts, is already suspect. How could red flags not rise when you’re being given such a large amount? How could it not surprise anyone, or at the very least make it to the news if it weren’t for Among Ed’s almost casual remark about it? I’d suspect that if they received a P1,000.00 peso bill it should already have come to the press’ attention immediate, let alone P500,000.00

And finally, the argument of whether they asked something from you or not. This is the most amazing argument I’ve heard from the governors – which is that it was given with them without any commitment on their part. That is the most amount of whollified bullshit I’ve ever read in my life. When you receive that kind of money, then by God Almighty sooner or later that person is going to come calling on you to collect. It doesn’t matter how long it might take. In fact, this administration might not even be the one to collect. See, you took money from a person and by sheer receipt it means you are for sale to the highest bidder. Again, sooner or later, either the administration or someone else is gonna come offering you more and more, and you accept and accept, until they will finally ask you for a favor. It might seem nothing, it might not necessarily be an outright compromise of your values either – maybe they’re gonna ask you to turn your head away for a mere few seconds as they do something in your province or municipality. Maybe it’s an adjustment in your provincial courtroom records, or a seemingly harmless ‘modification’ of some evidence they’re gonna ask you to please not to take a notice of. It can be a hundred million things, and you will agree.

Why? Because you took their money.

Evil takes many forms and variations. Just the argument of why it is right to accept envelopes of cash is already proof of this. ‘it does not come with any commitment’. ‘what they are asking for is harmless’. ‘i will use it for my (insert worthwhile endeavor here) projects’. ‘it comes at a time of great need in my province’, etc. etc.

All you really need to remember is who it’s coming from, and the suspicious manner with which this seeming gratis is being distributed. The moment you accept that, then you are considered sold. The property of the buyer. You can scream and shout arguments against it and claim to be your own man, but the proof lies in the thick brown paper bag you have received.

It is amazing how our LGU leaders are unable to discern such a basic thing as a bribe. Considering the fact that not one of these (hundreds is it?) recipients of these cash giveaways have raised protest is indicative of their lack of maturity in a basic matter.

Above is an excerpt from a longer post that I decided to publish earlier than the rest because I basically lost my train of thought with the longer one and focused on the above instead. So if it looks like an excerpt, it is.

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