Talking Myself To The Gym

No sooner had I finished two sessions at a nearby neighborhood gym than poof, off they go to a new location, nearer the new SM Tanay. Obviously Ye Gods are against me improving my health. There’s proof right there!

At any rate am trying at this very moment, as I write this, to get into my sweats and go over there to do some reps. I’ve not seen the new location yet but what the heck I got a rough sketch and idea where it is so I should really hie off to it.

It turns out I had been suffering from fatigue after Jill told me that that was usually the case when you wake up feeling completely exhausted and aching all over even after a full night’s sleep. Further investigation proves the same, and although I know I’m self – medicating here, it makes pretty much good sense. The past two workouts, a full two weeks ago by now, proved absolutely energizing and I felt completely refreshed and back to my old self – that being the bouncing off the walls – full of energy – ready to take on the world type. A week after that, I overworked myself when I went to a client and the day after woke up after a full 8 hours completely dazed, with a pounding headache and aching all over, with the light still turned on and holding the phone at that – indicating I fell asleep almost instantaneously after speaking on the phone, and stayed still throughout the night.

I know that isn’t normal and it’s obvious I have to get back to the gym asap. It’s starting to dawn on me that I’m one of those unlucky enough to be afflicted with this – whatever this is – and have got to make trips to the gym as regular as possible if only to keep myself sharp. I know that sucks but what the heck. Its not like its the first time I’ve had to deal with my strangely sickly body, capable of dunking a basketball and playing 4 games in a row in one month and unable to get off my lazy ass to look for the new gym the next.

Ack. Here we go. Just put one foot in front of the next. Let’s go. Get on with it..

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  1. ya know what? i’ve been terribly bad at attending yoga classes as well—but julie, one of the instructors said that i shouldn’t even think about it, and to just go. and anyway, i always feel good after yoga anyway. maybe that’s really good advise too for you. =)

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