g2 blast pic from pdi

Article here. Looking at that thing you have to wonder how powerful it’d have been to rip away from some basement, up the ground floor, cause that amount of destruction there and still pop away a skylight at the top.

Anyway, Yes I’m starting to wonder if it was a bomb. No, I don’t think this guy Trillanes makes sense, mainly because if the gov’t really was behind this like he says it is, then why the heck isn’t he spilling out who his witness is yet? I mean he’s already in jail so what has he got to lose?

Truth is, the fact there are unsubstantiated claims that the gov’t is behind this is accomplishing what the gov’t would have sought to do (which is draw attention away from GMA’s corruption charges). I’d love the chance to point a finger at the gov’t if they really are responsible for this, but those saying so should either put up or shut up.

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