Jun Lozada, You Have NO Friends.

Joker Arroyo blew his top at Lozada before he finished recounting how he had a meeting with the Senator’s wife. And as I watched at how Lozada started raising his patent girly voice in surprise, eventually leading to tears, I just had to wonder if Lozada knew what he was getting into when he got there. Apparently, judging from his reaction, he doesn’t.

Jun Lozada imho, is either naive or in denial. He clearly doesn’t see that in politics, he has no friends. As he declares how much of a fan he is of Joker Arroyo, the surprise in his voice at Joker’s anger was hard to mask. Lozada is a babe in the woods, and to his credit he admits as much. He is completely clueless to the fact that at this point, he shouldn’t trust anyone, because in politics it is every man for himself, each one looking out for number one. So if he really truly believes that Mike Defensor, Sec. Atienza, or anyone else amongst his proferred friends would not sell their souls to see him shut up, he’s sure to be crying even more in the days to come.

My heart really does go out to him. Lozada has yet to show any signs of inconsistency, not even reaction or behaviour that’d make me doubt him. Of course, that alone isn’t enough to prove he’s without guilt. But if you were to judge guilt or innocence based on raw emotion and reactions alone, then he is as innocent as he says he is.

I watched the whole hearing today, and that’s the only thing I can surmise from the whole affair. Well, other than the fact that the PNP – AVG are a collection of idiots, equal only in sheer stupidity and boneheadedness to our Airport Security.

Oh, and the Senators who had proven themselves to be the best speakers are still the same, namely Roxas, Escudero, Villar and unfortunately, Enrile. Jinggoy actually gave a good accounting of himself, aided probably by the fact that he really prepared for this one. Meanwhile Gordon, who’s usually much better, was a picture of the opposite, asking questions he clearly should’ve known the answers to if he had just at least read the papers today. Jamby Madrigal was as obtuse, biased and ill-conceived as ever, asking questions about ZTE when they should be focusing on the kidnapping issue. Revilla’s intellect, if you can call it that, belongs to the level of the PNP-AVG, while Loren could’ve and should’ve done better. Joker meanwhile couldn’t put two sentences together, stammering, stumbling and constantly losing sight of his point. Maybe that’s what happens when you sell out.

As for Lozada, every time he cries, I just want to say, ‘Jun, why do you still believe you have friends?’. Inasmuch as he’s a grown man, he seems yet to learn that the world is ten times cruel to people who like to say the truth. Today I witnessed a man in a snake pit, but instead of a Gladiator fending off evil dressed in fancy armor, we have a man who’s eyes pop out their sockets, shocked at every untruth he hears. I don’t care really. I’d rather have an honest man than a macho one.

So much for my previous post, re Keeping Focus. One thing’s for sure, the Senate hearings is the most riveting show on Earth.

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