My Business Intelligence Article is on the SME Insight Blog

Hey I just noticed that my SME Insight article on business intelligence software is up on their blog.

I enjoy writing for SME Insight but my contact person there has resigned and I haven’t yet contacted the editor directly, which of course can be interpreted as my being lazy since there’s no reason why I haven’t done that. Ok ok I’ll do it after I write this.

I noticed too that they didn’t edit it too much, which is great. One of the primary reasons I stopped writing for a broadsheet was the cavalier way they were treating my articles, which I decided I had had enough of. I know that’s kind of vain but I care about my work and when I see it all rewritten by someone else, I’d really rather they remove my name because at that point it wasn’t my work anymore. Call me old fashioned but that’s the way I feel and when I was more or less told to put up or shut up, I decided it wasn’t working out for me anymore so I took off.

I also happened to write something else about anti – virus software and its probably on the same issue.

At any rate, hope I write more for that mag. I heard it’s going to be an insert for PDI eventually. I don’t know the implications of that, but as long as I enjoy myself (and I did) I figure I’ll keep going.

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