Oh Joyous Day (updated 7 days later)

A few minutes ago, I finally achieved the dream:

.. a goal that has eluded me for months, maybe even years (counting the time I stopped playing it for a while)..

.. now I can finally say, GOODBYE EVIL ZUMA. You have stolen countless hours away from me..

I now move on. :)


..and by ‘moving on’, I mean play it again 7 days later, and this time take screen shots of the final level 13. Here’s the start..

then somewhere in the middle..

and finally, the final final few marbles, and an exploding one at that for better emphasis!

Notice I have one life left, meaning I died sometime in before this. The last level is actually easy, just noticeably longer.

Aggh oh Zuma! When will I ever be free of you?!

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