Where’s My Money, PayPal?

Just wanted to add to the discussions around the local ‘net. Upon receiving news of the ability to withdraw from PayPal to a local account, I tried making a withdrawal of $50.00 to my Philippine bank account on Feb. 12, and I’ve yet to receive it. It’s already Feb. 27.

There are two methods for me to receive money via PayPal, one is via my UnionBank Eon card and another via the new method, using my SA account at a relatively big local bank. Today, I tried withdrawing via my Eon card (yes I haven’t learned my lesson), but I really need to set up a reliable method. I tried sending just $20.00 this time.

PayPal’s resolution system on their website is not adequate to handle these particular situations as it is designed primarily for ebay scenarios where delivery or service have been performed and there is non-payment, or variations of such.

For the situation of non-receipt of withdrawal or bank transfer, there are vague categories but none specific to the problem, so I’ve been using different ones when sending messages via their internal form. Mostly I just attach the transaction number and say “I have not received $50.00 I transferred to my bank account in the Philippines way back on the 12th.” or something like that.

I’ve sent messages via their website’s form approximately 3-4 times already, again to no avail and have not received a reply or at least even a confirmation, automated or otherwise, of my messages being sent or received. I admit I am using a sensationalist title for this post as I am hoping to raise awareness of this issue so that others can learn from my experiences.

Here are links to other discussions of same issue from a site called Pinoymoneytalk and from a Mr. Lloyd Lopez, all with external links of their own. Here’s another interesting post from Mr. Santos’ blog, indicating a failed transaction and a refund, because of an ‘erroneous bank account’ entry. Given the rounds this topic has been making and the similarity re my situation and others, it doesn’t look good.

Which is ok if it weren’t for the fact that: I.need.my.money.

6 thoughts on “Where’s My Money, PayPal?

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  2. Cuz, me naman I was surprised I got my Paypal payment coursed to my savings account relatively faster than I expected. Albeit at a much lower exchange rate and they deducted a fee of P150.

  3. arrrrggh. actually di na nakakatawa to. unless all my bills suddenly allow being paid via paypal, i need my cash NOW.

  4. Hi!

    I did not receive the “paypal” funds I transferred to my local bank account. It was in Feb, it is now July…

    Did you get a refund? If so, please tell how…

    Thank you so much.

  5. hello clbd sorry for the late reply.

    Apparently the issue was my PayPal account ‘name’ is different from my account name at BDO (my bank), which is why BDO was rejecting it.

    It was eventually returned to PayPal but it took a few weeks. There is no option to change my account name at PayPal. I was advised by a friend to just sign up for a new PayPal account, but I’m still thinking about it. At the moment, I withdraw PayPal dollars to my Visa debit card. I suffer a $5.00 fee everytime.

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