Today is a milestone day for the Exchanges, which I’ll extend to my person, if it doesn’t mind, as well. I just had a meeting that I’d never thought would’ve happened if I didn’t have my notes and their calling cards on my left breast pocket as proof. A meeting with the kind of people and the kind of topic that I’d have only dreamed about, and if you’d have told me would happen a month ago I’d have told you you were talking nonsense.

No it’s not Google or anything even close, but to me its a big step forward. I’m really sorry for not being able to talk about it directly, but I figure its good logic and business sense to keep my mouth shut, at least till things are on black and white.

And so I’m fantastically happy, yet strangely calm, probably because of the enormity of the work involved in making it happen. I actually think I’m gonna regret this post because it’s really way too early to say yay or anything yay-ish yet, so I think I’ll just get to the point:

And that is to say, Thank You, from the deepest part of my heart, Thank You Lord, for helping me. I know that I pursue dreams that are essentially attempts to fill holes left unfilled in my soul. I am deeply flawed, and am aware that in the pursuit of my dreams I am occasionally a selfish man. But I believe You have given me what I have for a reason, and to Your end I use them, for Your purpose.

I waver often and I lose Faith, but in the end still it is You. I said this before and will forever say it again. You have a plan for me and I trust in You completely. Thank You.

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