PLUG Mailing List is apparently down, posting message here instead.

The mailing list went all quiet last week and I thought it was a lull, but apparently it really is down, as a message I posted was not read by Migs when I asked him about it. Am waiting for it to go up again, but until then, the best I can do is publish it here on my blog so itll come out the PLUG aggregator. Here it is:

Dear People of PLUG:
A week ago I received a proposal from a company called Firsteventsasia (

They do events, and are holding one of those generic IT ones called ‘Philippine Information Technology Expo and Business Solutions Summit’ on Sep 30 – Oct 2 at Philippine Trade and Training Center, Roxas Blvd.

Anyway they want an ex-deal. They are giving us a venue for an EB / gathering in exchange for plugging their event on our website.

Here’s the text from their proposal:

Philippine International Information Technology Expo 2008 Information Technology for the Enterprise “Bridging Digital Divide in the Country Today”

On Sept. 30 – Oct 2, 2008, we will be holding the Philippine Information Technology Expo and Business Solutions Summit with a theme “Bridging Digital Divide in the Country Today” back to back with a IT Jobs Fair at the Philippine Trade Training Center Roxas Boulevard Pasay City. .

– Multiple Conference Tracks with top level executives speaking on the podium!
– A plenary session geared to address technological advancements and the digital divide in the country today
– Country Pavilions by participating countries
– Job Fair for the IT enabled services industry

In view of all these, we would like to have you as one of our supporting associations for the event. By being one you will have the following benefits:

a. You may give your collaterals or leaflets at the venue
b. Your Logo and Company will be tagged as Supporting Associations and be included in the event advertising materials like Posters, Magazines and Newspapers
c. Your Logo will be included in the Invitation Letters sent to IT Company Offices and Website Media Partner Pages
d. Your Company Logo will be included in the event website for 1 year with active link linking to your website
e. Your Company will be acknowledged 10 times per day on the event
f. You may do a presentation at the stage area (this is on a first come first serve basis)

If you need a booth/E. B Station in our event, you can request to us as early as possible so that we can arrange it as early as possible also.

In exchange for all these we will only ask to place a banner ad to be prominently displayed at your website months before the event and usage of your organization logo.

You will greatly honor us with your support in this endeavor. We believe that this ambitious undertaking would be more possible to happen with your company at our side. Please don’t hesitate to call me in our numbers below for any inquiries. We would like to thank you for your time and more power to you and your company!

I’m particularly interested in the ‘presentation at the stage area’ and ‘booth/EB station’.

I’m thinking this is a good chance for us to hang out and get together, while checking out the other stuff going on at the event, and maybe hold a nice conference or two, where people can just talk about stuff they’re doing (like topics we discussed in an earlier post). I’m not really interested in promoting PLUG – instead we can use this event to get a chance to meet and greet, do a show and tell, and if someone has a prepared topic to talk about, discuss stuff there.

I’m willing to ‘man’ the booth (if we’ll get one), and help sched an activity or two. We can be very informal about this, and just work out stuff as we go along. In other words, no stress sana (who wants that?)

The good thing about this is that there is NO COST on our part. Pawis lang, ‘ika nga.

what do you think guys? I wanna get some ‘yeah looks good’ votes before saying yes, or if there’s an argument against doing such a thing, let’s hear it.


2 thoughts on “PLUG Mailing List is apparently down, posting message here instead.”

  1. No problem with me. The deal looks nice.

    I still have the images and content of the old PLUG website with me. If you have time, I’m just here in Makati (Antel Bldg). Just give me an email so we can meet up or trade numbers.

  2. What happened to the mailing list Paolo? We need to get it up, I’m running out of time, we might not be able to reserve a slot if I don’t get a consensus.

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