Why I Need To Workout

For no particular reason other than I want to blog about something but can’t think of any other something, forthwith are reasons why I need to work out often:

Sleep Apnea – I know I self – diagnosed this, but I’ve all the symptoms, including fatigue from lack of sleep, waking up at 3am to take a leak, deep set eye bags again from lack of sleep, waking up in a sweat every so often at night (because my lungs were struggling to breathe), and finally the most damning of all, dreams of drowning. The particular recurring dream is fairly vivid. I am on a white sandy beach with some rocky breakwater hills in the distance, which I investigate. While doing so, I enter small caves and whatnot, and before I know it the tide is coming in strong, so strong that I cannot go back to the sandy beach. I struggle to climb higher, but the strong waves start lapping at my feet and upward. At this point I assume I wake up.

Scoliosis – which isn’t a big deal for the most part, but of course becomes a nuisance and actually starts hurting when I gain weight.

High uric acid – runs in our family. The fatter I get, the higher that gets, and it affects my kidneys, which eventually produce kidney stones. I’ve already suffered a gout attack twice. It is not fun.

So you see, being me isn’t fun, that is, if I don’t control my weight. Hence, those Gold’s GCs we scored are a gift from Heaven, telling me I should take better care of my sickly, overweight ass.

Today I did a few drills at the basketball court, because I couldn’t go to Gold’s (it really is way too far, requiring a 40 – 60 min bus trip, and no i dont wanna bring my car). I did a few basketball drills where you put the ball on the floor near the hoop, hop and skip alternating lateral steps around the painted area, pick up the ball and power layup (bounce the ball hard with both hands then shoot it), then put the ball back on the floor and do it again the opposite way. It’s supposed to help your lateral moves obviously, plus your concentration because you can sometimes forget the count and forget to alternate. And when you miss, you start counting over again. I did 5 sets of 10 of those.

I also did 5 windsprints, which were more like windwalks. At the end of these, I was sweating and panting like crazy, and the humid weather (there were rainshowers coming), didn’t help. I looked like I took a shower in my clothes.

Then finally I jogged the way back to the house, and I promise you going up our steep hills is no joke.

So the point of all this is not to impress upon people of my monk – like discipline and make people think I have a magnificent physique (I am overweight by, oh, probably 30 pounds). The point of this post, I think, is that I need to convince myself that working out is good for me, so that when the time comes (and oh yes, it will come), when I am too lazy to walk let alone do windsprints / walks at the ball court or go to Gold’s, then I will again have desperate dreams of drowning whilst holding on to dear life by a rocky hill, the ocean’s angry waves crashing against, and eventually, taking me.

Yeah I think that’s the point of this post. I will go to sleep now, I’m dog tired.

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